This is a premade cover. If you choose to order, please note that all text fields will be customized with whatever you input in the form above.

You are allowed to request MINOR revisions such as color change or font change. Be as thorough as possible in every change request because you are only allowed up to 3 revisions. If you need any additional revisions, you will be charged a small fee of $5 per revision. Once a premade has been purchased, it will be deleted from the premade gallery so no other author will have it. If in the event that multiple authors make a request for the same premade before I’ve been able to take it down or before any payment has been made, the author who inquired about it first will get it first.

It may take up to 1-2 days before I contact you about your purchase. I’ll send you a confirmation of the book cover along with what it would look like with your requested changes. If you accept, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice. Upon receiving payment, I’ll then send you the final file(s) for your use.

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