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I’m Sheenah Freitas and I’ve been dabbling in graphic and web design since I was about 13 years old. When most teenagers were out doing teenage things, I was staying at home, trying to unlock the mysteries of HTML and CSS, building my own websites, and tinkering around in Photoshop.

Back in 2012, I ventured out into the self-publishing industry and haven’t looked back. With my solid knowledge of graphic and web design, I was able to format my own book in print and ebook and have them look just as professionally done as if they had been traditionally-published. Since then, I’ve worked with a number of authors, both big and small, and small publishers to help breathe life into their books.

No matter who you are or what your project: I want to help you make it the best it can be. Contact me today to discuss your next project!


Book Formatting

Need an ebook? Paperback? How about both? No matter what you’re looking for or who your distributor is, I can create a professionally designed book that will keep your readers focused on your words and not on bad design choices.

Book Covers

Looking for a custom book cover but afraid you can’t afford it? Or maybe you want a pre-made book cover to spark your next book? Whichever it is, you can rest assured knowing I work tirelessly to ensure your book cover makes people stop to learn more about your book.


Since 2013, I’ve been working closely with a small group of authors to polish their book and I’m ready to provide that service to more authors. If you’re looking for a copy editor or proofreader who’s meticulous about details and goes through a manuscript more than once, I’m your girl. Please note: I don’t offer developmental edits as a service, but I will add comments about developmental aspects of your book if you request it.


Not sure what to do and need some guidance? I stay up-to-date on all the latest best business practices for authors. Having been in the business since 2012, I know a thing or two about what your next steps as an author. Consultations are one-on-one via Skype or by phone and I’ll give you step-by-step advice on what you need to be doing next.